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Unfiltered thoughts on the meaning of life.


Democracy and freedom cannot coexist

Like a few others in the world, I no longer believe democracy and freedom can coexist. I find these two terms to be antipodes in the constant conflict between these two make it appear that human behavior and fairness are at odds -- even in the year 2018. Between democracy...
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University of Maryland breeds robotic graduates

One of the biggest issues I have with higher education, especially at the University of Maryland is that it tends to breed robots without much ability to think critically. Take accounting for example. That major involves learning a set of rules where you are able to perform a business process...
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Perspective: Credit card debt is not really bad

A while back, I posted about credit card debt and how it's bad financial management to carry a balance and get hit with the absurd interest which is often 16-24% APR. Recently, I have made an interesting discovery which I thought I should share with the world. Credit card debt...
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Why I believe in fiscal conservatism

Growing up, I was exposed to a more conservative background by my parents who were immigrants from China. Everything made sense though - the Chinese culture is conservative by nature and has always been until more recently. Naturally, one is often influenced by parents viewpoints. My views have evolved over...
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Be an owner in everything you do

Just about a year ago, I was lost. I am still kind of lost right now. But I was a foolish 19 year old who believed in the normal dogma that society feeds you: get a college education, find a job, and then get on with life -- the conventional...
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Hello World!

I'm a tech entrepreneur, developer, business person and oddball who seeks to take the path less traveled. Visit my personal website to learn more about me as a person and what I'm working on. Most of my time is focused on Dark Sonar, a cybersecurity software company. This first post...
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